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Created in 1989 by artists such as Bodo Sperling and Thierry Noir, it is updated as part of the "Hamburg Weather Warning" for the City of Hamburg. Weather warnings are issued for 14 days and in the past weather warnings have been issued for a range of weather conditions, ranging from mild to severe weather.

Historical and past weather forecast pages provide historical weather forecasts as well as information about the current weather conditions for the city of Hamburg and the rest of Germany. Historical weather forecasts are produced by the German Weather Service, the Bundeswirtschaftswoche.

The annual temperature fluctuations are 17.5%, and the daytime temperature is between -2ºC (-3ºF) and -5ºC (+ 4ºF). Be prepared: The average temperature is 20 - 24 degrees, but rarely rises above 25 degrees and rarely below 20 degrees. The average temperature during the day is -20 to 24 degrees, the maximum temperature is -4.2 degrees.

In Hamburg and other cities not on the coast, temperatures can reach as low as -2oC. (-4oF) in winter and up to + 3o C (+ 5o F) in summer.

The best time to visit Hamburg in terms of average maximum temperatures is therefore from mid-July to mid-August. In the second half of summer, the weather will be a little milder, with the average minimum and maximum temperatures being -2oC. Although there are seasons that guarantee stable weather conditions and temperatures are generally pleasant, a good travel time to Germany goes back to the end of June or the beginning of July. In Germany, especially inland, the first warm days occur at the end of July and the beginning of August, which are characterised by possible thunderstorms in the afternoon, but not in Hamburg.

By May, the weather finally turns for the better and Hamburg is ready for occasional riots on May Day. Throughout the year, Hamburg is available in all weather conditions, so everything you need to be ready for a day of commuting or a weekend. To get a good start to the day, you should get up early in the morning and come to Hamburg during the day, but not too early.

In the summer months, the weather in Hamburg changes from summer to winter, but not too much, and in winter it changes to summer.

The weather network, here you can find out more about the weather in Hamburg and the other German cities. Find out about the weather conditions in Hamburg in German cities and drive to Hamburg from the perspective of the weather network. The weather networks have found out much more than you would find in any other city in Europe or even the United States.

The 10-day weather forecast includes detailed information about the weather situation in Hamburg and the other cities in Germany for the next 10 days.

In March, the average temperature in Hamburg is 3.7 ° C and the probability of rain is 56.4%. In Hamburg and all of Germany, the probability of rain is 56% and 4% respectively.

In April, the average temperature in Hamburg is 7.3 degrees Celsius and the probability of rain is 81.9 percent. In May, the average temperature is around 12.2 degrees Celsius and for Hamburg and the whole of Germany the probability of rain is 81% and 9.5%, respectively, in July an average of 1.7 ° C. The probability of rain in June is 51.0% in Germany, but in May it is around 16.8%. And in August, with the exception of the first half of May and June, it is 15.6%. C. C., London. Hamburg in Europe has a 74.4% chance of rain in September, June and July, higher than the rest of Europe and Germany.

According to the tourism score, the warmest time to visit Hamburg is the end of June or the beginning of September. If you look at the average temperature for a visit to Hamburg in July, August and September, the hottest months are July and August and then June.

In August, the average temperature in Hamburg is 16.6 ° C and the probability of rain is 70.0%. In September, the average temperature for Hamburg is 13.5 ° C. The probability of rain in September is 60.2% and 20.4% in August, but in July and July the probability of rain is 70% or 2.7% at the same time.

Daylight saving time (Daylight saving time) is observed from spring (28 March) to autumn (31 October). The average temperature on Sunday, 13 December 2020 is forecast for Hamburg to be 7 degrees Celsius, with a 2.7 percent chance of rain and a 1.3 percent chance of thunderstorms.

There is always an 8 day weather forecast for Berlin Standing Tables, including a weather forecast for Hamburg, Hamburg and Berlin on Sunday, December 13, 2020. Book your ticket for the party and reserve your ticket or table months in advance or book online.

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