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Hotels and Resorts has launched the first flagship hotel in Germany with a design that defines the brand. The hotel is the first Crowne Plaza Germany to present a brand new concept that includes a refreshing approach to food, drink and entertainment, as well as a new dining experience. In this redesigned space, the Crowned Plaza brand challenges preconceptions about hotel gastronomy and develops new food and beverage offerings that meet the preferences of today's travelers and locals.

The German version of a mobile phone, named after the Alster, consists of beer and lemonade in equal parts. If you don't fancy fish, you can try many other German classics, such as the beer garden, the mountain and the Riesling.

As a homage to the Hanseatic city, this luxury hotel is tailor-made for the many national and international visitors who discover and rediscover Hamburg. The 281 rooms of the hotel are spacious and airy, each suite offering a bright and comfortable atmosphere, designed by Alster, divided into luxurious bedrooms and elegant living rooms. The 131 rooms suites are bathed in natural light and feature a wide range of amenities including hot water, air conditioning and even a swimming pool.

Southern Germany is home to the major metropolitan areas of Munich and Nuremberg, with many luxurious spas and hotels that offer a wide range of facilities that you can explore and relax in equal measure. Most offer the opportunity to enjoy German cuisine of the upper class, and almost all have an unbeatable view of the water. Munich is known for its well-kept green spaces, but the city centre also has a large number of luxury hotels and restaurants as well as a variety of restaurants and bars.

In German cities, spas and hotels are the places where most of us can spend our holidays and enjoy the wellness facilities at the same time. Throughout Germany you will find thermal spas in hotels that allow you to arrange your holiday according to your personal taste and thus offer a perfect opportunity to relax in the back of a spa hotel with a massage or sauna. Spend the day with fresh powder and relax in the massage saunas in your spa or hotel or visit one of the many spa and hotel restaurants.

To help you choose from the overwhelming range of luxury hotels, we have compiled a list of the most popular hotels in the city of Munich in Germany. The Mandarin Oriental Munich is also one of the most luxurious hotels in Germany and a good choice for a holiday in Munich.

The capital also has several luxury spa hotels, many of which are located in Berlin's chic Charlottenburg district. Spa resorts and hotels in Germany are not limited to hidden hamlets in the Bavarian Alps, but are also found in cities such as Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. This German spa hotel offers access to some of the country's most popular attractions during the arduous mountain world, while offering world-class spa facilities and treatments.

The district is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy the nightlife, which is not too far from the city centre but not as busy as the rest of Hamburg. It is an easy walk, and you can reach it by going west towards the harbour, so there is no nightlife.

The Crowne Plaza Hamburg in the Alsterstadt offers everyone who wants to work mobile a flexible environment. The hotel offers a wide variety of facilities, including a cigar lounge, a café, an office and a studio for meetings that are not held at the table in the boardroom. It is designed to be bookable at any time and accessible to anyone with a computer, mobile phone, laptop, tablet or other mobile device.

Enjoy free VIP amenities when you book the hotel with Virtuoso and use $100 in hotel credits during your stay. Enjoy free VIP amenities at Crowne Plaza Hamburg in the Alster City and enjoy $100 in food and beverage credits, while taking advantage of $100 in spa credits throughout your stay. Enjoy free VIP amenities when booking your hotel with VirtUoso and enjoy up to $100 in food and beverages during your stay! Enjoy free VAIP amenities when you book the hotel with virtuosos and take advantage of a $USD hotel credit during your stay.

The Windows Restaurant is located on the upper floor of the hotel on the 9th floor with a beautiful view of the Alster lake, which is lined by Hamburg lights at night. The hotel's 217 rooms and suites spread over 24 floors are the largest rooms in Frankfurt and offer fantastic views of the city skyline. If there is one thing I would highly recommend in Hamburg, it is staying at the Fontenay Hotel.

Of the 396,400 rooms in Germany that Union Investment Bulwiengesa classified as investable, almost 44 percent are in the upscale hotel segment. Brand hotel segments are particularly investable, as measured by the rooms of hotels, including guesthouses.

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