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Park Hyatt Hamburg enjoys a unique location in a city full of fascinating sights and cultural attractions, writes Stuart Forster. Other attractions are also nearby, including the historic warehouse district on the city's picturesque waterfront. The city centre, the historic city centre and the Museum für Kunst und Kultur Hamburg are also within easy reach.

Would you like to receive additional benefits during your stay at Park Hyatt Hamburg, including a complimentary upgrade to one of the hotel's premium rooms from the time you confirm your upgrade? Points will be debited from your membership bonus account and a credit for the corresponding dollar amount will be credited to your American Express Card account, which you can use with any of your other credit or debit cards, such as Visa or MasterCard. If you are lucky enough to earn World Hyatts points through our WorldHyatt Credit Card Rating, your Ultimate Rewards points can be transferred directly to your member account. You can also credit your prepaid hotel and travel packages to your membership reward account once you have made your final payment.

World Hyatt points are valued at 1.5 cents, so redeeming your points here would be equivalent to paying $300 per night for this review. You end up paying an average of $150 per night, but if you find a lower rate, Hyatts Hotel Group will adjust it and give you $50 for your next stay. Currently, we offer free parking to members, with valet parking normally costing £32 a day. This is a considerable saving and you pay an average of 150 euros / day for the duration of your stay at ParkHyatt Hamburg, including parking charges.

It's not a great hotel, it just doesn't fit the rest of the portfolio in terms of design. The Park Hyatt Hamburg is an old property and shows its age in the guest rooms, where wallpaper, furniture and carpet look old-fashioned. This property does not have the wow factor found in some other Hyatts in Germany, such as the Park Hotel Hamburg in Hamburg. Some guests may feel a little disappointed by the price tag, because there is a lack of something here, but it is not an older property.

The Park Hyatt Hamburg opened in 1998, but the Levanthaus itself is still ahead of the UNESCO World Heritage status it was awarded. I assigned room 603, the park suite at the end of the hallway right, as my first room too.

The open bathroom is equipped with a closed wet area, which consists of an Asian - inspired drop - edge tub. It has a double sink (suites usually have double sinks) and a toilet that is separated, but it's not a big deal.

The hotel is popular with business travellers, while the affordable weekend room rates make it ideal for city breaks from Hamburg's upmarket base. The lower floors have been converted into a restaurant and bar, the upper floors into the Park Hyatt Hotel.

If you make or change your hotel reservation directly with the hotel provider, your reservation will be automatically changed. Save money and become one of the elite members who - if possible - have free breakfast and exclusive access to exclusive events and events.

While this review focuses on the Park Hyatt, I would like to mention that I am extremely impressed with Hamburg as a city. I was surprised to find out how great Hamburg really is, and it is even a destination I would recommend to tourists. If you are attracted to Hamburg for business, shopping or sightseeing, you can't have a better location. Click here to read more about our review of the HyATT Hotel in Hamburg.

The hotel has 252 spacious rooms, including a full-service restaurant, a restaurant and bar, and a spa and fitness centre. The comfort of your home is offered with refined luxury, and the hotel hosts a variety of private events and events for guests.

The Apples is the hotel's signature restaurant and serves breakfast daily from 7 to 10 am, with a variety of breakfast options available. And last but not least, the spacious spa area of the Park Hyatt features a full-service fitness centre, sauna, steam room and saunas. The fitness room is open to all hotel guests, but requires an appointment as it is limited to five guests at a time. There are also sausages and steam rooms, while guests have access to a private pool, spa and fitness area with showers and showers.

The restaurant has a repeat clientele, which has a variety of dishes as well as a wide selection of drinks and snacks to choose from.

The Park Hyatt Hamburg is one of the world's leading relocation destinations - in stars. The website of the German Tourism Association is a good source of information for hotels, guesthouses and hotels in Germany. All entries are treated with the utmost respect and reflect the commitment of our guests to the property.

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