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Hilton (NYSE: HLT) today announced that it has one of the most active pipelines in Germany, reaching historic highs with the opening of its first new hotel in Hamburg since 2009.

The hotel will be added to two hotels, including the Hilton Hotel Hamburg - Hamburg, the first Hilton hotel in Hamburg since 2009, and four existing Hilton hotels in the German financial capital. With its pipeline of 17 hotels throughout Germany, Hilton plans to introduce additional properties in Constance, Munich and Stuttgart, among others. Following the opening of the new Hilton Hamburg Hotel, which will facilitate the development of a new hotel complex in the city centre, six hotels are scheduled to open this year with a total investment of more than 120 million euros. Hans-Joachim Schulte, President and CEO of Hilton Germany, said: "Hilton's pipeline for Germany is active and we are very excited about the future of our business in Europe.

The Hampton Hilton Hamburg City Center is located at Sonninstraße 20097 in Hamburg and is operated by Foremost Hospitality GmbH. The hotel is part of the Hampton Hotel Group, the largest hotel chain in Germany. Hampton is the largest and most successful hotel brand in the world with more than 2,000 hotels worldwide. Read all the latest news on hampton - com and read more about Hampton Hotels in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East at Hampton Hotels.

The property is also part of the Phoenix-Ost industrial estate in Aachen city centre, which is due to open at the end of this year. The Tivoli, located in one of Germany's most renowned industrial areas, will offer high-quality accommodation for events, businesses and tourists when it opens in autumn. For the first time in the history of the Phoenix West business park in the Aachen business district, there will also be an object with hotel and office space.

This is the Curio Collection Hilton where you can invest in a weekend getaway and wellness. The spa facilities include steam baths and saunas, and there is also space for a spa with its own pool, sauna and steam room. You can enjoy a relaxing weekend royal treatment while still walking distance to the hotel and have access to them when they are open, as well as access to a variety of other amenities.

The hotel has a fitness centre and spa facilities, and there are pools and hot tubs on site. The hotel also has a fully equipped gym where you can enjoy luxurious spa treatments and pampering, as well as a spa with its own pool, sauna and steam room. The hotel also has a fitness centre with gym, gym and fitness area with fitness equipment.

The Reichshof Hamburg Curio Collection Hilton has 278 rooms of varying sizes, a range of private rooms and a spa and fitness centre with fitness equipment.

Renovated rooms, a spa and fitness centre with fitness equipment offer a relaxing oasis in Hamburg's lively centre.

The hotel is close to a number of popular attractions, including the Hansa Theater and the Levantehaus Hamburg, to name just a few. If you want to explore the cuisine of Hamburg and the sights of the city, the Reichshof Hamburg is highly recommended. If you are planning a trip to one of Germany's most popular tourist attractions, such as the city centre, the pick-up and return point is right next to the hotel. If you want to explore the best restaurants, cafés, shops and restaurants in the world in Hamburg, but don't want to get into trouble with renting a car, a convenient location like the Reichshofer in Hamburg is ideal for you. Just a short walk from the main railway station, in the heart of Hamburg city centre and with a magnificent view over the harbour, this hotel is an ideal base for exploring the historic city centre with its many restaurants and shops.

The central location allows you to easily reach some of Hamburg's best sights on foot or by taxi. This hotel is just a short walk from the main railway station and within walking distance of a number of popular tourist attractions, including the Hansatheater and the Levantehaus Hamburg. This large business center is convenient and the quietest that opens to our main foyer.

The early Baroque and classical influences of the hotel are clearly visible, and the preservation of many of its original architecture has always been part of the restoration plans. The former owner, the Reichshof Hamburg, hid hundreds of thousands of silver cutlery with the names of his family members and friends in hidden, walled rooms. These artifacts can be seen on the walls of many rooms and throughout the hotel itself. We have restored this early splendor while retaining the original gilded chandeliers, handcrafted original walnut paneling and original woodwork.

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