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This article is part of a series of posts about some of our favorite places in Hamburg and the sights you can visit. When visiting the port city of Hamburg, try these eight dishes to sample the best traditional North German cuisine, wash down with a craft beer and make your next trip to Hamburg a culinary one. This is a list of the ten best restaurants in and around Hamburg that you should try before visiting the attraction. Take a look at the food scene and discover what's going on with the craft beers from Hamburg.

This popular hamburger restaurant serves not only huge schnitzels, but also a wide selection of schnitzels, including Hawaiian pineapple.

A night at Hobenkook is really a night in the city, although you can be sure that the café is not for people on a budget. This pleasant hotel in Hamburg is located half way between the city hall and Hamburg Airport, just a few blocks from the subway station. German cuisine, with more than just hamburgers, but also a wide range of pasta, pastries, desserts and more.

From pastries to fish dishes to beer, Hamburg is a great place to sample a wide range of delicious food and drinks for the whole family. Food travelers will have a hard time finding a casual place to eat in Hamburg and restricting the choice. Hamburg's streets offer a variety of places where you can find great restaurants, bars, cafes, restaurants and even a few bars and restaurants.

If you're full, your favorite meal in Hamburg comes when you're washed down with a beer in one of the city's many bars and restaurants. After washing up, many restaurants and bars in Hamburg offer a wide selection of beer and wine.

Hamburg's cuisine has a lot of kale in its dishes, which is reflected in this famous dish and applies to the entire neighbouring northern Germany. Traditionally served as a side dish with meat dishes and seasoned with cheese, it is also popular for soups and as a Kasespatzle variant. The dish Finkenwerder Scholle is one of the most popular dishes in Hamburg, as it contains fish scraps in mustard sauce.

When you eat this traditional dish, your trip to Germany is always autochthonous and delicious, and if you don't believe me, check out our guide with the best German dishes you can taste. In Hamburg there are many traditional German dishes to try, some of which are specific to the north of the country, such as Kasespatzle, Finkenwerder Scholle and Kasepzles.

In this section of our Hamburg Food Guide you will find restaurants in Hamburg that you can choose from and browse for delicious food. Find a guide to Hamburg's best vegan restaurants, scroll down and read more about the most popular vegan restaurants and restaurants with vegan-friendly options. Click here to watch a video of our Food Guides for Hamburg and explore some of the more interesting vegan options in the city, such as the vegan burger and vegetarian burger.

Our extensive search has led us to the list of the top 10 best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Hamburg. We've taken a look at some of our best restaurant recommendations and compiled a guide to Hamburg's best vegan restaurants.

Personally, I have not seen such a delicious variety of toppings in Hamburg, but I have known crepes and pancakes for so long that they are hardly considered traditional German delicacies. Get ready to enjoy the food prepared by Chef Christoph Ruffer with its great consistency and aroma.

The popular Hamburg version of the stew is called Hamburger National. Meatplates are a kind of pan - fried meatballs with minced meat, usually beef or pork. One of the best places to do this is the Oberhafen Kantinein, but the name has remained with the Liverpudlians, the "Scousers."

The origins of this humble sandwich are unclear, but hamburgers are now, more than 100 years later, a staple in restaurants in Hamburg. American soldiers returned to Europe with hamburgers and sandwiches during World War I.

In Hamburg, most of the schnitzel is pork and is served with fried mashed potatoes with a side of beetroot, herring and fried egg. This traditional hamburger was originally popular with sailors and is popular throughout Europe. In Germany, beef is often served with corned meat, but in Hamburg, pork is usually served with mashed potatoes, beetroot, herring and fried eggs.

Vegetarians and other meat options are also widely available, but for this list we will focus on sausages. In Germany there are a lot of sausages that Germany loves, and the real business is baking.

Get an idea of what is in motion in the culinary world. If you want to delve deeper into the Hamburg food scene, check out our list of the best restaurants in Hamburg, Germany's second largest city. There are a variety of different sausages to choose from, from sauerkraut to bees, kielbasa and many other varieties.

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