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I recently spent a wonderful weekend in Hamburg and wanted to list some recommendations for the best things in and around Hamburg. German cities, but also some easily overlooked sights in the city of Hamburg and its surroundings.

The 3-day Art Mile Pass (25 euros) gives you access to all of Hamburg's most popular sights and the city centre. With the pass you can use all Hamburg transport for unlimited periods and travel for the first two days free of charge.

If two days in Hamburg is not enough, you can extend your Hamburg tour to three days and still have more time to explore the city better and also relax. In fact, a weekend in Hamburg may not be enough time to do all these things and see all the sights of Hamburg. So if you're convinced, you should add a few other good places to your Germany trips.

In addition to these personal tips, we have taken advantage of the recommendations of our friends and Hamburg experts to offer you a wider range of activities and must-have places in Hamburg that you can use for your visit. If you are coming to Hamburg with your family, there are many activities for children in Hamburg, and you just have to spend your weekend with them. Enjoy your time with Hamburg and don't miss a visit to this fun, full destination when you travel to Hamburg. This Hamburg tour is finely tuned and provided with disclaimers in cooperation with those of you who have come from Hamburg. Please vote your disclaimer if you come to Germany.

We recommend all travelers to stay in Hamburg and try our top tips for activities in and around Hamburg. If you want to explore the German countryside without planning a 2-day trip to Hamburg, you can plan 2 days and explore some of the smallest and coolest cities in Germany. Follow the recommendations of our friends and Hamburg experts for what you can do in Hamburg and see if you have the chance to visit this northern German city. So let us help you make the most of your visit and have a great time in one of the most popular cities in Germany with Hamburg Germany Tours.

A trip to Hamburg probably starts and ends at Hamburg Airport, so why not include it in your sightseeing programme?

The closest airport to Hamburg is Hamburg Airport (HAM), also known as Hamburg Airport, which is located about 30 km northwest of the city centre in Hamburg city centre. The square in the heart of Hamburg is wedged between two large buildings, the town hall and the town hall market. The town hall with its large square stands out from the center of Hamburg - as RathausMarkt and is one of the most important buildings in all of Hamburg, as it houses a number of museums and galleries.

Along with the Rickmer Town Hall, the St. Michael Church is one of Hamburg's most famous landmarks.

What makes Hamburg so unique is its history, which goes back to the Middle Ages, when it was one of the cornerstones of the Hanseatic League. Hamburg Zoo and Hagenbeck Zoo are two of Hamburg's most popular tourist attractions and the city's most important tourist attraction. Located in the northwestern part of Stellingen, the Hagensbeck Zoo is one of the top destinations in Hamburg.

The city of Hamburg is located in a part of Germany where access to other cities in Germany is possible. Within 48 hours of leaving Hamburg, you can travel to any of these cities and see all the sights and the city itself. The city is worth a visit if you are interested in the history, culture, history of the country and the culture of its people.

Since shipping is so important to Hamburg, it is not surprising that many attractions in Hamburg are dedicated to the boat and the sea. Hamburg ferry lines 62 and 72 take you to the most interesting places on the river. These routes are a great way to take a harbour cruise in Hamburg on a low budget and those who love the sea will love the top activities in and around Hamburg around historic ships.

If you plan many Hamburg sightseeing tours by public transport, we recommend purchasing a Hamburg CARD. Public transport in Hamburg works pretty well, but if you are spending a long weekend in Hamburg, you might be better off investing in the Hamburg Card or the Hamburg City Pass and buying it. The "Hamburg Card" also gives you free travel and discounts on attractions.

If you are looking for the best area to stay in Hamburg, St. Pauli is definitely the place to be. If you want to make the most of your Hamburg trip, we recommend a stay in St.-Pauli. The prices for accommodation, food and drink are lower than anywhere else in Hamburg, making it a good choice for a long weekend getaway.

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